AI-driven Personalized Healthcare

Embrace the future of healthcare:

AI-driven end-to-end solutions for 

Healthcare Applications

AI-driven Personalized Healthcare

Embrace the future of healthcare:

AI-driven end-to-end solutions for healthcare applications


HEAiLTHIGENCE, a pioneering Healthcare Research & Development consultancy and services company, headquartered in Perth, Australia, was established by Harvard-trained scientists deeply committed to innovation and patient-centric approaches. Our core mission is to redefine the healthcare landscape by harnessing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, delivering personalized end-to-end solutions. Our devoted team is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of both individuals and communities, offering top-tier healthcare consultancy services and innovative products. Embracing collaboration, we consistently engage with healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to ensure optimal outcomes for our clientele. At HEAiLTHIGENCE, our unwavering dedication stems from our passion to create  and drive the digital transformation of healthcare.

Our services

Advanced tech + healthcare expertise = exceptional results. Tailored end-to-end AI solutions for planning, processes, compliance. Improve operations, patient outcomes. Trust our experts + transformative AI for support and success in healthcare.




Our Team

HEAiLTHIGENCE was founded by Harvard trained scientists and a team of seasoned healthcare professionals and AI experts, driven by a shared vision to revolutionize personalized healthcare through the development of cutting-edge AI tools.

Dr. Sunil Belur Nagaraj, PhD

CEO and Founder

As the CEO of HEAiLTHIGENCE, I bring my extensive experience in healthcare management and strategic planning to ensure that our AI-based tools revolutionize personalized healthcare and provide optimum outcomes for patients and healthcare practitioners alike.

Dr. Sowmya Muchukunte Ramaswamy, PhD

CTO and co-founder

As the CTO of HEAiLTHIGENCE, my expertise lies in developing and implementing state-of-the-art AI algorithms and technologies, enabling us to create innovative tools that optimize personalized healthcare and drive advancements in the field.

Happy Customers​

Our cutting-edge AI-based tools empower healthcare practitioners and organizations to deliver highly personalized and optimized care, revolutionizing the healthcare industry.

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